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This is a fan-made English wiki dedicated to The Manga Guide series. This wiki is still under development and far from complete nor perfect. Just click the edit button at the top right of any page to make changes.

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What is The Manga Guide?
The Manga Guides (マンガでわかる, Manga de wakaru) is a series of educational Japanese manga books. Each volume explains a particular subject in science or mathematics. The series is published in Japan by Ohmsha and in America by No Starch Press. Different volumes are written by different authors.
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To-do list:

  • Adding manga cover in another language from here
  • Adding categories for each image.
    • Adding category:location image, category:character image, and category:manga cover image respectively.
  • Adding infobox for each manga, and inserting author, drawer, and translator information.
  • Completing the story.
    • Adding "synopsis"
    • Adding story per chapter
  • Completing characters biography.
    • Including searching for the kana name
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